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Technical Data

Precision Potentiometer

The Midori potentiometer so-called position sensor is a precision sensor that converts mechanical displacement such as rotational angle, tilt angle, liner displacement, and pressure variance to electrical signals.

The potentiometer has features of easy wiring and low current consumption.

Midori's unique potentiometers: Green Pot, Blue Pot, Orange Pot, W-w(wire wound) pot are used for the highly advanced technological fields in the world.

Orange Pot.jpg

Hall Effect IC type contactless potentiometers 

Blue Pot.jpg

Magneto-Resistive Element type contactless potentiometers

Green Pot.jpg

Conductive Plastic type contact potentiometers


Wire-wound potentiometers


Unlike the position potentiometer, the encoder is not an analog output sensor but a digital output position sensor and since it is hardly invaded by electric noise on the output signal, it is suitable for detailed measurements of long-distance transmission, wide angle, and high-speed operation which are not suited for the potentiometer.

In the resent years, Midori started the development and commercializing of the magnetic encoders by making full use of magnetic sensor technology cultivated over the years in the development of Blue Pots and Orange Pots.

Midori magnetic encoder has the following features:
– It can be used even in harsh environment such as vibration, dust, dew condensation, and oil mist.
– High resolution 13-bit to 17-bit
– Miniaturization
– Reasonable price


In addition, Midori can provide the customized high precision multipolar magnet scale which is using in their encoders depending on the customer’s needs.

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