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Midori's Encoders

Unlike the potentiometer, the encoder is not an analog output sensor but a digital output position sensor, and since it is hardly invaded by electric noise on the output signal, it is suitable for detailed measurements of long-distance transmission, wide angle, and high-speed operation, which is less suitable for potentiometers.

Rotary Encoder

Midori's rotary encoders are highly resistance to vibration and shock, have dustproof and drip-proof functions, and are high-resolution, reliable and environmentally resistant.

Magnet Rotary Encoders

The magnetic encoder uses a magnet and a magneto-electric conversion element for output signal conversion and features high environment resistance, such as vibration, dust, dew condensation, and oil mist.

It is high-resolution, 13-bit to 17-bit, miniaturization, and has a reasonable price compared to the optical encoder.

CP36M Series 

Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoder

  • Size Φ36.5mm

  • Resolution: 13bit/ Accuracy: 0.17°

  • Interface: RS-422/ Format: ASI, SSI output 

  • IP50 and IP67


CE58M Series

Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoder

  • Size Φ58mm

  • Resolution:17bit/ Accuracy: 0.044°

  • Interface: RS-422/ Format: ASI, SPI, SSI, BiSS

  • IP50 and IP65


Multi-Pole Magnet Scales

Multi pole magnet scale for magnet encoders

  • Size Φ200x20mm MAX.

  • Number of tracks: 1 to 3 tracks

  • Magnetizing Pitch: 100~1000μm

magnet scale.jpg

Optical Rotary Encoder

Optical Encoder.

CE32R Series

Optical Incremental Rotary Encoder

  • Size Φ23mm

  • Resolution 360~144000 (P/R)

  • Line Driver Output/ NPN Open Collector Output/ Voltage Output

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