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Position Sensor Application Examples: Joystick / Foot Pedal


A joystick is a control lever used in various fields, from game equipment to industrial machinery.

The joystick is designed to allow users to instruct the machine on direction and speed by tilting a vertically installed lever.

Joysticks often employ position sensors like rotary potentiometers and encoders to measure the direction and angle of the lever's tilt.

The position sensor is mounted on the lever shaft and measures the direction and angle of the lever's tilt, converts it into a signal, and sends the signal to an external control unit such as a computer.

Structurally of the joystick, there are two main types of joysticks: 1-axis, which allows you to operate the lever only forward/backward or right/left, and 2-axis, which allows you to operate the lever back/forth and left/right.

A 1-axis joystick has one sensor, while a 2-axis joystick has two sensors—one for the X-axis direction and one for the Y-axis direction. With 2 axes, the joystick can measure diagonal tilts by combining the forward/backward and left/right tilt angles, which means it is possible to measure the entire 360-degree tilt directions of the lever.

Foot Pedals:

Foot pedals are widely used in various industrial fields for adjusting the rotational speed of a motor and engine, or on off switch of machine. Angle potentiometers and encoders are used to detect the degree of pedal depression.

Since foot pedals are operated by foot, it is used roughly, and required sturdy and tough construction. Therefore, robust and long-life angle sensors are needed for foot pedals.

Sensor Expample
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Proposal from ARTRON AMERICA:

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