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CP-16U Series

CP-16U Series

TMR-Element Contactless Angle Potentiometer

  • Effective Electrical Travel: 90°, 120°
  • Low Current Consumption 0.6mA MAX.
  • Input Voltage 3~5.5V
  • Independent Linearity: ±1.5%FS(90°), ±2.5%(120°)


Delivery: 18 to 20 weeks ARO

Available Order Quantity: Up to 5piecse ⇒ More quantity>> Please contact us

  • PRODUCT Specifications

    Electrical Specifications

    Effective Electrical Travel 90°
    Output Sensitivity 3.5~6.5%Vin /10°
    Input Voltage  DC3~5.5V
    Independent Linearity    ±1.5%FS
    Current Consumption        0.6mA MAX.                         

    Mechanical Specifications

    Total Mechanical Travel      360° Endless                       
    Thrust Load Tolerance 1N
    Radial Load Tolerance 5N
    Torque 1N
    Weight  Approx. 10g

    Environmental Specifications

    Category Temp. Range -30~+100℃                          
    Storage Temp. Range         -40~+100℃
    ESD ±4KV(IEC61000-4-2)

    25V/m, 1MHz~1GhHz



    Data Sheet (PDF):


Order up to 5 pieces.
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